Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a broken heart

I may think better of posting this now but I am going to go ahead anyway. I write this as my heart is broken. You are getting the raw uncensored thoughts and feelings. I just observed the defeat of the proposed language that I wrote about earlier. The minority report of the committee was adopted with some deleted and changed language from the current book of discipline but retains the "homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching." phrase. There was considerable compromise from both sides in the committees submission and admission of faithful persons disagreeing on the subject at hand. That trust was thrown out and we have moved backwards.

I watched as this was accepted by a 55% to 45% vote. I stood in solidarity as we began to sing "Jesus Loves Me". I cried as I tried to sing and nothing came out. I cried as I thought about my family and friends that are gay and continue to be condemned by a body that should be loving them. I start to lose hope and that leads me to start to lose faith.

As I said, this is raw and uncensored and I start waiting for my heart to heal.



Tara said...

I'm so embarrassed and ashamed. But mostly I'm sad. This is very sad news.

Did they amend the "Jesus Loves Me" song to add "Jesus Loves Me Only If...." I'm not asking this to be funny.

God bless you all for being there.

Tim said...

I am wholly disappointed in my church family. I had hoped we could become more progressive and lead our Christian family.

Anonymous said...

Eric, do not lose heart or faith, God is still in control. I share your tears. Gr.Y.

Anonymous said...

Praise God that there are people still left in the church...though apparently very few delegates at G.C....who are still committed to Biblical truth and sound Christian tradition.

There is nothing in the language from the minority report that is condemning of homosexuals. It simply states that it's not compatable with Christian teaching...just as fornication, adultery, transgenderism, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculously disappointing. There's nothing else to say.

Chaosbeana said...

I'm so sorry for my church.

I am so proud of the delegation though. What better image of the Wyoming Annual Conference's last stand at GC than the one at the top of this article?

Anonymous said...

Eric, yes God loves us, all of us, only humans have a flawed prejudice. It will work out with God's prevailing.

God bless you always!

Love, Gr S

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is NOT incompatable with Christian teaching. 45% of the GC voters agree with you - this % is growing all the time. Not fast enought, but ... Christ loves all of us. Blessings and love to you. Mom Y

Justin Hood said...

I am bummed as well. As a 17 year old member of the conference it disappoints me to see little effort of tolerance in World. I think people need to get over what the past has said. I mean look at the past people were kept out of churches for being African Americans in the past and the world changed that idea of social partism. Lets hope we follow suit on this issue. Nevertheless I feel your pain.