Thursday, April 24, 2008

Young People's Address

I was able to be seated on the floor for last evening's opening plenary and this morning's worship and address from young people (if you visit this link, scroll down to get video). There were six young people from youth to young adult, clergy and lay, a diverse group. They spoke from different areas of the stage and audience telling their stories and their hope for the church. I don't believe that I can properly convey the hope / pride / excitement that I felt as I heard them, I was choked up, (I know this happens when I can't sing). They acknowledged being regarded as the future of the church and contended that we are the present of the church if there is to be a future of the church.

This group as well as others have set a tone of unity for our church. Our delegation chair Ray Hamill who has attended at least the two previous General Conferences, stated something to the fact of feeling more of one mind to do the work of God and the Church. My hope is that we sustain this unity as we go forward into legislative committee's.

The morning worship included a version the song sanctuary to the tune of Crash by the Dave Matthews Band, simply amazing!

From Eric

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Mark said...


Thanks for the comment about hope and possibility. I’m looking forward to the opportunities opened to us now and in the days ahead.

-Mark Marino